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Luke Baker
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Luke Baker is a professional logo designer, graphic designer and web designer. He worked for seven years as a Senior Graphic Designer, Manager, and Art Director for Hewlett-Packard, and in June 2011 went independent to run his own graphic design and web design business called Lucas Marc Design. His award-winning work has been featured in publications like GDUSA and LogoLounge.

Testimonials from recent clients:

"My experience working with Luke was fantastic. Aside from being a pleasure to work with, Luke exhibited an extraordinary level of professionalism! The process for the development of my logo was efficient and on time. The final results of the project exceeded my expectations. I would certainly recommend anyone seeking top quality design work to consider Lucas Marc Design. Superior results guaranteed!" --D. Johnson, Santa Barbara, CA

"I found Luke through and was very impressed with his work. Luke took my ideas and created multiple concepts to help the creative process. Our firm's final logo is clean, classy, and professional. I would recommend Luke to anyone wanting a great logo!" --R. Wells, Jonesboro, AR

"To me, your logo is your company's public face on the Internet; it is the difference between being taken seriously and noticed, or being ignored. I found Luke on listened to my needs, then asked some very specific questions, and a week later I had a logo that made me smile. A public face that I am proud to display on the Internet. Every person I have shown the logo to has said 'Wow! He really got it!' And I couldn't agree more." --D. Renteria, Orlando, FL

"I am very pleased with Luke's work. He stayed with me until I was totally satisfied with the logo. Very professional. Highly recommend him." --L. Masters, Canada

"Luke, I...I am speechless and blown away. I don't know what to say. I am so happy! Wow! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It has truly been a pleasure working with you. I assure you that your name will be the first one to be mentioned should anyone need to hire a designer, or should I need more work created in the future." --Email from D. Renteria, Orlando, FL


I am a logo designer . I design all kind of logo .


Rob Marsh

7 Fantastic Books About Logo Design

November 05, 2014

We're suckers for a good book. And when we find a good book about our other passion—logo design—it's pretty hard to walk away. Which is probably why so many of these books are sitting on the shelf next to our desk right now. What follows is our short list of favorite books about logo design. Some are about process, others about branding, while still others are simply packed with fun profiles of brands old and new. Check them out. Buy one if you're intrigued. And let us know what you'd add to...Keep on reading: 7 Fantastic Books About Logo Design

Rob Marsh

Very Cool Infographic: How Your Brain Sees a Logo Design

October 01, 2014

We are loving this new infographic designed by one of's portfolio designers Dave Riley that shows the thinking process you go through every time you see a logo. Plus, it details some interesting (some might say scary!) facts about logo designs. Did you now that logos can change your behavior? Or that we think about logos and brands the same way we think about our friends? Check it out: How Your Brain "Sees" a Logo Embed on Your Site:

Rob Marsh

That New Logo Design Is Not What You Think It Is

September 09, 2014

Note: This post includes a couple of references to scatological terms that have been a part of the news surrounding two logo redesigns this summer. If you find that kind of reference offensive, please skip to the next post. Looking for a little criticism of your marketing team? Then you should launch a new logo design. Remember The Gap? In 2010, The Gap introduced a brand new logo to represent the brand. The new logo was basically a blue box, and was roundly criticized for being lousy b...Keep on reading: That New Logo Design Is Not What You Think It Is

Rob Marsh

How One of our Logo Designers Creates a Custom Logo

August 26, 2014

We've had the privilege of working with dozens of incredibly talented logo designers over the past 20 years. It's both inspiring and rewarding to see them work through ideas and concepts, put designs down on paper (or more likely these days, the computer screen), and deliver a creative product that the customer loves. We've seen it thousands of times, but most customers have no idea what the process looks like. So Paul, one of our portfolio designers, sat down and recorded his...Keep on reading: How One of our Logo Designers Creates a Custom Logo

Rob Marsh

How to Find a Great Logo Designer.

May 28, 2014

Last week we wrote about how to work with a logo designer to get the very best from them. If you read that, you might be asking, but how do I find a great graphic designer in the first place? A quick search on Google for “graphic designer” or “logo design” doesn’t necessarily bring up a lot of exciting options. Instead, you’ll find a host of design contest sites, and logo companies that look like fronts for teams of inexperienced, overseas designers. There are some gems in there...Keep on reading: How to Find a Great Logo Designer.