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jerron ames

I am an experienced graphic designer specializing in logo design, illustration and creative thinking.

I have received awards and much recognition for my work and am featured in many design publications.

Luke Baker
American Fork, Utah 

Luke Baker is a professional graphic designer and web designer. He worked for seven years as a Senior Graphic Designer, Manager, and Art Director for Hewlett-Packard, and in June 2011 went independent to run his own graphic design and web design business called Lucas Marc Design. His work has been featured in publications like GDUSA and LogoLounge.


Rob Marsh

Introducing the All New!

March 14, 2014

Welcome to—the best place on earth to search for, connect with, and hire great logo designers. Our mission is to help you find a talented designer who you can work closely with to develop a unique logo identity for your business or product. And our directory of designers features some of the world's best—artists who have worked on hundreds of logo projects over the years. We've tried to make finding them easy—if you know their name, you can simply search for their name...Keep on reading: Introducing the All New!

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The 7 Biggest Logo Events in 2013

December 31, 2013

This year has seen a lot of big happenings in the logo design field. Yes, it’s been a crazy year, with no shortage of topics to buzz about. The best way to sum it up is that the year was simultaneously amazing and disappointing. We saw a lot of great design happen, and there were glimpses of a world starting to recognize the value of great logo branding. But we also saw companies unveil logos that look like a committee created it, and got frustrated during the revision process, ultimately...Keep on reading: The 7 Biggest Logo Events in 2013

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How to Do a Great Lion Logo

October 29, 2013

Because of its regal appearance and strength, the lion is a popular image for companies looking for something to represent their brand. Because it is so popular, it is a challenge for the designer to make it look unique. It's fine to be inspired by others' work, but no designer should submit a logo that intentionally looks like another. This brings us to the first very important step. Step 1. Do your research. Make sure your work is unique, and do a search for the company's name, as well as...Keep on reading: How to Do a Great Lion Logo

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Why should a dentist get a logo?

July 01, 2013

Looking into my seven year olds mouth I see countless reasons why it was not a good idea to skip the yearly dentist appointment, or why it was very bad to rush the child to bed---as he finishes his last bite of ice cream.  (Brushing the teeth would have been another excruciating step.) The scary reality is now I have to find a dentist that not only can save me and my son from this shame and his cavity-infected mouth BUT ALSO is someone I can trust.  It doesn’t sound too difficult. But ...Keep on reading: Why should a dentist get a logo?

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Subliminal Messages in Logos

June 03, 2013

I hate to use the word "subliminal" with logos, because ALL logos should be affecting someone's mind below the threshold of consciousness. A good logo should be manipulating you to be attracted to the company or products with a simple story. However, some logos have graphics that have been "buried" in the logo. So buried that the viewer doesn't recognize it until maybe the hundredth time they've seen the logo, and that nice little "a-ha!" moment makes the logo even more memorable to them. ...Keep on reading: Subliminal Messages in Logos