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LogoDesign.com Makes Finding
a Designer Easy. The Details:

We love design. Logo design in particular.

And we know it can be hard for a business owner or account manager with a design project to find the perfect designer for their project.

That’s where we come in.

LogoDesign.com is the world’s best place to search for a designer who you can work with one-on-one.

Search by location to find a designer near-by who you can work with closely.
Search by design style to find a designer who matches your style.
Search by portfolio to find a designer who’s work you admire.

Then contact your designer and get to work.

Our designers specialize in logo work, but they also do great web design, and just about any other kind of design project you might have. Check them out.

Oh, and there’s no charge for searching and connecting with your designer.

Our Blog

The LogoDesign Blog is a group blog—featuring ideas, thoughts, artwork, and project notes from many of our featured designers. If you like what read, check out the links to their portfolio pages. Or, even better, contact them for your next design project.

Are You A Designer? Want to be Featured on LogoDesign.com?

LogoDesign.com is a great way to show off your work to potential clients around the world. Upload samples from your portfolio, then add your photo (or avatar) and contact information so potential clients can reach out to you. A basic account featuring your contact name and a link to your site is free. Upgrade your account to add samples of your work and to contribute to our blog. Interested? Create your free profile here.

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