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10 Great Bug Logos

Spring is here, and for many people, that means bugs are here as well. We decided to feature a few of our design team’s logo designs that feature different takes on the crawly creatures.

Here’s one that features a simple character integrated with the text to make a unique, friendly design.

by Allen Brockbank

This one combines an eye with an abstract bug to make a memorable unique icon.

by Anton Drokin

This logo shows that a grasshopper can be depicted with a few expert strokes.

by Arnold Guerrero

Like the grasshopper one, this shows a clean cricket with just a couple of intersecting lines.

by Mike Zurek

This bug silhouette can be taken out and used separately once their brand begins to take shape. I like this one because, even though the bug is not very “n”-shaped, it reads easily because of the simple font. I also like how the font matches the style of bug really well.

by Warren Tenney

One of our inhouse designers, Jerron Ames has created an impressive techy logo that has some cool shading, but is accomplished with only two colors.

by Jerron Ames

Jerron does it again with this award-winning bee logo that integrates the text and graphic beautifully.

by Jerron Ames

Again, there’s usually no reason to use a lot of colors in your design. Jerron uses two colors here to make a beautiful and unique ladybug.

by Jerron Ames

This is by Paul. It was my first time drawing a bedbug, and I think it turned out ok.

by Paul Browning

by Paul Browning

And here’s why I came up with this post idea. The client wanted a very illustrative logo featuring a safari woman stomping on a huge cockroach. Personally I think it makes a better t-shirt than logo, but it was so fun to draw, I decided to make a post about bug so I could feature it.

If you can think of any other bug-themed logos, or you want to critique ours, please comment below.


  1. Steve

    My all time favorite is the Shutterbug logo. How clever is that!!

  2. Wing Chueng

    I also love Elle Bee logo

  3. meera