Crest-Style Logos

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Ever since feudal knights and lords held aloft their shields, people have been trying to communicate their brand through crests. Whether it be your family lineage or your sports team, a crest, or enclosure-style logo is a good way to keep the logo contained and attractive. Here’s a few good examples of this style.

This crest was created for the International Racquetball Tournament. The client chose a different logo, but we recently received a call about it from ManCaves, a popular show in the DIY Channel. They were creating a special mancave for a racquetball enthusiast, and used this crest to make a plaque.

Designed by Paul, one of Logoworks

You can see that the artwork doesn’t necessarily have to be perfectly balanced to create a beautiful logo. Nor does it have to be completely contained by a stroke. Sometimes it’s good to give a little break in the border to give the eye a sense of freedom.

Designed by Aaron, one of Logoworks

Sports logos are commonly crest logos, since they work well on promotional gear and clothing.Here’s one we did for the San Diego Open.

Another composition by Paul

Cafes and eateries are also good candidates for this style, since they create a fun atmosphere and are versatile for different moods.

Another composition by Paul

Yet another composition by Paul

This outdoor supply company wanted to incorporate a canoe or kayak (and maybe mountains) to show that they are New York’s largest canoe and kayak dealer. They also hoped we could add some mountains since they’re located in the Adirondacks. We gave them various styles to choose from, but the standouts were designed by Tom. Check out these beautifully elegant designs.

Designed by Tom, one of Logoworks

The crest logo is a great way to go, but it’s a challenge to keep it simple and beautiful like a logo should be. If you need help with your logo designs, contact the experts inĀ our logo design shop.

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  1. Clayton

    Nice logos. That racquetball guy actually looks like me!

  2. Rob

    Minisota Fishing looks great! I used to work for a sports clothing company, and I have seen a lifetime of crested logos, these examples are very good compared to whats out there.