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Animal Logos

I used to hate drawing animals when I was a kid. I stuck with mainly comic book characters. Now I love when a client asks for an animal, because there’s so many ways to illustrate them. I like to find the most interesting style or pose and spend a lot of time on them.

I did these all for the last company I worked for.

These were done by me and the talented group of designers and illustrators at

Send us a link of your favorite animal logos you’ve done!


Rob Marsh

Football Season is Here.

Around here, there is nothing quite like the start of football season. The competition, the upsets, the Top-25, Game Day. It all makes for a great weekend.

And, it reminds us of a couple of logos we’ve done. Including one of our all time favorites.

Two years ago, we created a logo for a little company called First And Girl that specializes in football-themed jewelry. Stuff like pendants and charms for the little league team mom. They wanted a logo that was football oriented, but also feminine—not exactly a combination you see every day. But in this case, our design team delivered with an icon that represents both a huddle and the petals of a flower. It’s a logo I love and it was also recognized with an American Graphic Design Award. Check it out:



We’ve done a few other football-themed logos over the years. Some for fantasy football leagues, others for football video games, as well as the occasional team logo. Check out this illustrated logo we did a couple of years ago for a Youth and Adult Competitive Football League. The client asked to see an icon with players bursting out of the logo—almost superhero like.



Finally, another client approached us for a logo for their football game that is played entirely through email. They wanted a fun logo, but something that would appeal to adults, not just kids. They requested colors that would remind customers of a football field and wanted something that incorporated elements from the game itself. We presented lots of concepts, and this was the final result:


Rob Marsh

A Look Into the Logo Design Process

UPDATE: We closed our little design shop in 2012 (it’s now under new management and not associated with this site). However, many of the designers who worked for us then, are now featured at If you’re interested in working with them, check out our home page. Here’s the post…

We recently put together a little video that walks you through our entire logo design process, from beginning to end. Take a minute to watch the video and you’ll see how easy it is to fill out a creative brief, let us know your design preferences, and put our design team to work on a unique project for you (no templated designs here—we custom create all of our work based on your unique business needs). You ‘ll even see one of our talented designers working on two concepts for a recent client. If you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare, we invite you to watch how it all comes together:



I know I say it a lot, but if you’re ready to put our talented design team to work on your project, visit or check out the do-it-yourself logo design tools at