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Rob Marsh

Thinking about Bicycles…

Each March, as it warms up and the snow melts, everyone around here gets a little stir crazy. And nothing cures the need to get out like a ride on a bike. Which got me thinking about some of the logos we’ve done for bicycle companies. We’ve done lots of logos for bike races, bike stores, and even a couple of bicycle makers. Here are a few to check out while you search for the tire pump and your padded bike shorts before you hit the road or trail…

First up in an enclosure we did for Gold Coast Bicycle Company. The client sent us a pretty specific drawing of what they wanted and we took a few revision rounds to clean it up and play with the fonts and colors. The result includes elements like the bike tire and spoke, but also imagery that hints at fun and a warm weather, beach location:



Not all bike companies want a logo that says fun. Others want to be taken more seriously. A bike manufacturer that makes bikes for serious cyclists might go for a look that’s a little more performance-oriented. This example makes use of shapes and color to convey the idea of speed while the torn “L” has a younger, x-games quality to it:



A second example of a bike manufacturer is both fun and performance-oriented. They make serious bikes, but most people who ride tandems don’t ride their bikes competitively. So the name indicates quality, while the icon splits the difference between performance and fun.



This last example of a bike store sells both road and mountain bikes and wanted a logo that would represent both parts of its business. We put together several options and in this composition, included a few things like the tire pattern and the sprocket wheel to give the enclosure a “bike” feel.



Whether you’re the slow-ride-through-the-neighborhood-on-a-cruiser type, or an avid cyclist who spends more money on her bike than her car, if you need a logo, we can help. Check out and put one of our designs to work for you.