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Our Design Contest Winners

We had a contest among our community of freelance designers that contribute to our design shop. We received a lot of great entries, so the task of narrowing them down was difficult. Here are the results of our Best Logo of 2010 Contest:

1st place WINNER: zurek
Project: Coroico
This iconic logo designed by zurek was the consensus favorite in this year’s contest–it appealed to voters probably for several reasons. First of all, it’s simple, unique, and has great recognition value: not a lot of unnecessary detail or clutter in the logo. Second, it conveys emotion with the abstract light rays for the lion’s mane; and even though the pose is straight on, the face is above center which adds a great dynamic to the illustration. Finally, it uses simple yet clean and classic typography that will be an asset in this company’s branding efforts. Even something very subtle like making the first and last letters of the name larger helped give the typography that little touch of customization to make the logo that much better. Congratulations, zurek, the $300 prize for this year’s contest is yours!

2nd place: shahdan
Project: Honey Maze
Combining two ideas or aspects of a company into one not only makes a great company name, but helps inspire great logo design as well! In this great iconic design, shahdan has transformed a honeycomb into a maze: what a brilliant idea followed by creative execution! Since some viewers may not catch on that the hexagon is a honeycomb, shahdan added just the right amount of extra detail in the honey drops to polish off the idea. Without the honey drops, the logo may have fallen short in its concept. Way to go shahdan, $200 is coming your way! Shahdan is now doing awesome design for BusinessLogos.

3rd place: longkangkung
Project: Home Organic
Tree and leaf logos seem to have been done just about every way imaginable, but our voters were pleased with longkangkung’s creative execution of an oft-used idea. Using large abstract leaves to fill out the tree’s shape helped drive home the organic aspect of this company without being boring and too literal. The small door in the trunk also helped communicate the message of home to the viewer. In short, just the right amount of detail to communicate a powerful concept. This logo is simple enough it would reproduce well in one color, and the typography is also elegant and refined. Thanks longkangkung for a great design, worthy of $100 and third place!

Honorable Mention: reyespadilla
Project: The Taco Tank
Evaluation: This illustrative design by reyespadilla was also popular with our voters and earns our first spot for Honorable Mention! Combining a taco and a fish in a creative and fun illustration will really make this company stand out with its competitors. We also liked the use of hash marks to create a little shading and flair in the design that we don’t normally see.

Honorable Mention: tjost
Project: Airwaves
Evaluation: Congratulations to tjost for providing the top-rated logotype of this year’s contest! By substituting the letter “i” with a radio tower, tjost takes this logo to the next level; without the tower, the message would not have the same visual impact or right amount of creative touch. The colors are complementary and play off each other quite well. Also, putting those two clouds in the other letters was another great added touch of detail that really sells the logo as being top-notch, custom design.

Honorable Mention: gax
Project: Coffee Park
Evaluation: This logo by gax has a nice hand-drawn quality to it, using just the right amount of color, line, and abstract shapes to combine into a whimsical yet professional design. The arc shape in the background with the hashmarks for texture provides a unique visual foil to the foreground illustration, and also ties in the typography quite nicely to form a nice overall crest design.

Honorable Mention: webcore
Project: Queen of Tarts
Evaluation: This logo by webcore is perhaps one of the better examples of picking the right font to match the style of the icon: both the typography and icon definitely go together! We also really liked the iconic representation of a tart that also doubles as a crown: genius! The icon is simply executed with just the right amount of detail. All in all, this design epitomizes what makes logo design a great medium of art and communication! Well done!


Thanks to Luke for his evaluations! You can see more work from these talented designers at


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Interesting Stuff Around the Office

As you would expect from any logo design agency like ours, we have a lot of creative people here in the office. And they like to be surrounded with things that stimulate creativity and fun.

Yesterday I walked around the office and snapped a few photos of the interesting things we keep on our desks to help keep us creative and inspired. In fact, I took more than a few photos—we’ve got a lot of interesting keepsakes (enough for three or four posts). Here are a few of the things that I found…

Jeff’s collection of Wall-E, Floyd, and Star Wars icons:

We’re big fans of The Office around here (as if this post didn’t already make that clear). Dan keeps Dwight nearby for sales inspiration:

Speaking of inspiration, there are lots of posters and quotes like this:

Clayton keeps a few pets at his desk (this is way better than a fish bowl screen saver):

And as a reminder of what not to do, Rick, who sends out our small business newsletter (subscribe to that here, if you’re interested), keeps a stack of Spam next to his monitor. These also come in handy when we don’t have time to step out for lunch.

Finally, there are lots of plants and flowers to add some life to our workspace:

We’ll post a few more pictures another time (we’ve left out all the very popular nerf guns, the yellow submarine, the mini-buhdas, flags, sculptures, bunny ears, cars, crowns, and on and on). Just trying to give you a sense of the interesting people and their toys that make our shop such a great place to work.

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The Wall of Fame

Today’s entry is simply a couple of photos of the awards wall here at the office. Any time one of our designers is recognized with an industry award or is featured in a design book like Logo Lounge, we hang the winning logo on the wall with a certificate noting the award. Over the past couple of years, we’ve collected quite a few (some are just a little crooked at the moment)…



Each individual plaque looks like this:



The wall is long—and we’ve got more awards to hang in the available space, when we get a little time. In the mean time, congratulations to all of the talented designers here at our design shop.