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Going to the Dogs: Man’s Best Friend

Over the past ten years, we’ve had almost five hundred customers ask for logos, icons, or other design projects that feature dogs. Our project list includes: black dogs, yellow dogs, brown dogs, lazy dogs, fat dogs, stunt dogs, hot dogs, sun dogs (which of course aren’t dogs at all), dog houses, dog crates, dog groomers, dog walkers, doggy fitness centers, dog races, lucky dogs, bearded dogs, hot diggety dogs, dirty dogs, and, well you can imagine another four hundred and eighty or so project requests. People love dogs.

As you can imagine, these projects call for a lot of variety, from the artist’s style to the type of dog (the most requested dog is the bull dog, although we are also asked for a lot of labrador retrievers, great danes, and “cartoon” dogs). Here are a few samples I came across browsing our archives this morning. In most cases, I’ve removed the company name, so what you see here are mostly icons, not finished logos.

First up, a highly stylized cartoon pointer. It’s simple, fun, and friendly. Matched with the right typeface, it makes for a pretty compelling logo (only the icon is shown here):

Of course, not all dogs are friendly. Some customers ask for dogs that you might think twice about petting. While we’re not interested in doing logos for dog fighters, we don’t mind drawing dogs with more than a little fight in them. Here’s an example with a “sports logo” look we presented to a skate board company:

Dogs love to chase cats, squirrels, rabbits, mailmen, cars, and just about anything else. Here’s a simple icon we did for a production company…

And, of course, not all dogs are obedient. Some dogs are a bit mischievous. Others more than a little…

Unabashed plug for our design services: If you’d like to see more examples of the variety of artwork our designers create for our customers, check out the gallery at