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Welcome to the New

UPDATE: Since this article was posted, our website has undergone another change. Today it is a place where talented designers can post their best work and attract customers to work with them—one-on-one. Interested? Click here to meet a few of them.

Over the past five years or so, this website has had a few purposes. First it was a landing page for our design company (you can visit our do-it-yourself site here). The page has also been a place you could find design resources. And we posted dozens of articles about design on the page as well (now those are parked here). But for the past year or so, we’ve been pretty quiet at That didn’t seem right to us.

So, we’re repurposing this site for something a little more fun.

For it’s next life, will be a place where we can showcase the incredible talents of the designers at our studio (since closed). We’ll show samples of our latest projects and tell you a little bit about them. We hope that this will give you an insider’s view of our studio so you can see the process and the products we have so much fun working on every day.

So stay tuned.



  1. Logo Design Monster

    This sounds like a great idea. I have read a few logo design blogs and the ones that seem to go down really well with the readers are the posts which show you how a logo was developed. Including images of initial sketches and thoughts is always nice too. Good luck with the new logo blog, will check back soon to see how its all going.

  2. Addies

    I believe this was the best move for logo design dot com. Logo Works is definitely a famous company and be able to see the creative design process and insights is valuable information.

    Thanks Logo Design.