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How We Did It—Snappy Scrubs

We recently had a client approach us, asking for a logo with an illustrated turtle. The assignment fell to Paul (and a couple of others) here in the Design Studio. And here’s how one of his concepts came together:



The customer asked for a Speedy Turtle for their car wash. I started with a quick sketch of a pose.



Locking it into illustrator, I used the Shape tool to create some shapes that matched the round shell.



Then I used a red stroke for visibility to trace the rest with clean lines.



I realized my sketch didn’t have the legs sprouting from under the shell. Who cares? Turtles do. Plus, I didn’t want anybody complaining about the inaccuracy of my wheeled reptile. l decided to make it somewhat more realistic with the legs coming from the same area.



Then I added the inline skates. They wanted the turtle on wheels, but gave us the freedom to decide what kind of wheels.



Then I filled the strokes with white, and converted the black stroke into a fill for easier coloring.



I united the black in pathfinder, and released the compound paths. Now I’m ready to make it colored.



Then I threw in some eyes.



I added some thin strokes on the underside using the pen tool.




Again using the Shape tool and Pathfinder, I added some bubbles to imply cleanliness.



So far that gives me 5 spot colors: Black, Green, Blue, Light Blue and Brown. I want to bring that down to 3 at the most.




There we go. Using tints of the darker colors for lighter colors, we have 3 spot colors now. This will be cheaper to print for the client. And maybe I’ll make these colors a little brighter to cheer up the logo a bit.



Now we can use those darker colors for some text, using a nice readable script to imply motion. With those colors still on the cool end of the thermometer, he still doesn’t look very cheerful and fresh…there’s something missing…




Some highlights (brought down to 50% tint) bring out a shine and give us a nice freshly-washed turtle.


So there we have it. A quick and professional illustration that will represent the business and can be used in all their branding. Maybe even a turtle costume for special events….

Next time I’ll post the other option I gave them where I got rid of those pesky legs altogether. Here’s a sneak preview:



  1. faraj

    Love the whole design process for the snappySCRUBBS logo, it shows the careful and sketch revisions to turn a concept to the final polished logo!

  2. runnie

    love what you did!

  3. Obinna

    I love your work, it’s creative and beautiful. How many are you in your studio and what software do you use, and will be required to achieve a good result as yours? I need your response and advice to help build my small studio. Thanks

  4. Paul

    Thank you very much! We use Adobe Illustrator, and we are constantly striving to improve our skills. We want to make the best business logos for businesses all around the world. Best of luck to you with your studio!