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Logo Review – West Side Baptist Church

Joyce, a nondesigner, sent us this in for our review. What does everyone think?

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  1. HumanBlade

    hmmm…. a bit christ-y if you ask me. if there’s gonna be absolute insistence on keeping that full monstrous company name length, is there really a necessity to have a gi-normous cross? the name says church already, we’ll know what it is. They’re baptist and they’re in an area named after a lake. go with that. water elements, the essence of life, the soothing/calming element. and i agree with paul the setting sun thing has no connection to the identity as far as i can see, but was merely used as an anchor to tie the roman torture device to the baseline of the waves.

    honestly now that i think about it, is it April 1st? this kinda looks like it was thrown together in a office suite program.

  2. Tim

    I agree with Paul. I think the designer should focus on one of those elements and then work the name in somehow. Which symbol is the most powerful for the designer?

    When I do logo design I often fall into the trap of trying to design with my head instead of my gut. You want people to FEEL the logo works instead of having them go, “That logo makes sense.”

    Here’s an example:

    Something quick and dirty I made up. With more time you could play with the negative space and make it look like a path leading to a cross. Also, let the design sit for a couple of days and then come back to it. Still happy with it? Then keep it.

  3. Paul

    Excellent feedback, Tim. And I love the new version you came up with. Another idea would be to use the steeple of the church and integrate it into the W, like Tim did with the cross. That makes it personal, church-y but not too christian-y.

    We certainly come up with some good adjectives in these critiques.

  4. Logo design buy

    I don’t like Baptist Church, but logo is simle and fresh. I like it.

  5. Kat

    For a non designer it’s not so bad but the overall look is very 1992 and it looks very amateur.

  6. Rob

    this is kind of a late reply, but I had to add it. Apart from the things already mentioned, this logo would run into problems when be printed. the lines in the cross will attract issues from bleed. This would be an issue especially if they go for cheaper printing options (ie low quality prints).

    I have noticed religious logos tend to look alot like this one though (for whatever reason), so it does make it easily identifiable…

  7. Zachary

    As Rob says, it’s easily identifiable. Often times churches, like many non-profits, are operating on volunteers for their design and marketing. This is why so many of them look like this.
    I think one of the major concerns is how unbalanced it is, I feel like the whole logo is going to tip forward. Perhaps working on a cohesive logo without the name of the organization would be a good place to start. Ask yourself if the iconography can stand on its own.

  8. thiet ke

    simple ,and i like it ,so clear


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