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Logos I Love: Holy Brew

Two years ago, the guys at Holy Brew, a small microbrewery, asked us to create a logo for them. They wanted a logo that would become the cornerstone of their brand and product offering, which includes two lagers, Heavenly Light and Purgatory Pilsner. (Rumor is there are more to come.) Specifically, they requested a mark that contrasted heaven and hell. We presented seven different concepts that included gothic script, halos, and tails. After a couple of rounds of minor tweaks, Holy Brew selected a winner, shown here as part of the label on their Purgatory Pilsner:

When it comes to art, sometimes the designer’s favorite concepts don’t end up being the customer’s favorite concepts. We’re cool with that. After all, the customer knows his business and customers better than we ever will, and he pays the bills, so he should choose the logo HE loves. And while we really like the way the final logo works on the brewery’s bottles (you can download a wallpaper for your phone or computer with the design, here), we presented a concept that is definitely one of my favorite logos ever designed by our team. Rather than leave it in the archives, I thought I’d post it here.

We aren’t the only ones who like this concept. It was recognized with an American Graphic Design Award in 2008. Let us know what you think.



  1. Natalia

    it’s a good logo, but I can’t picture it on a beer bottle. Who would stop by a row of beers to take in all its complexities? The client was right.


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