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Monkeying Around with Logos

We recently announced that we had just started our 200,000th project here in our logo design studio. Most of those projects were logos for small businesses, though many were websites, brochures, custom illustrations, and even word and powerpoint templates. And a lot of those projects were for products, services, or companies with “monkey” in the name. You might say we’ve done barrels of them—all unique in some way. (Of course, we wouldn’t say that, it’s a little too silly, but you might.) Here are a few of my favorites:

The first is a custom illustration we did a few years ago for Math Monkey (an organization that teaches kids math in a fun, easier-to-learn ways).

Next up is a logo we recently completed for a new media company. Our instructions were “the sillier, the better.”  It’s a lot of fun:

Last monkey logo for today was created not too long ago for a new start-up. They asked for a logo with “splat.” This one delivers:

If you need a monkey, bear, rooster, beaver, gopher, giraffe, dog, hippo, or any other animal in your next design project , visit the logo design experts featured at We’d love to help.


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