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Logo Critique-Apparel US

Patricia sent us her logo to be critiqued. The company is Apparel US and, surprisingly, she is not a designer. It looks like a designer made this, because there’s a measure of restraint. Everything has a purpose. The stars are there to reflect the United States aspect. The colors are simple. If it weren’t for the gradient on the tag, I would say it’s a 2-color job (that doesn’t look like a halftone, it looks like a third color.

One thing makes me grit my teeth a little. Look at the space between the APP and the AREL. If you give it just that extra 10% that designers do before finishing a logo, then you catch things like this.

Other than that, you made a good looking, simple logo design. Good job.

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Podcast #20 – Complex Logos

We’ve all been told that simplest is best with logos, but as with every rule, there’s exceptions. Paul and John discuss logos that are both complex and effective, and discuss what’s needed to make them.

Paul also critiques two logos that designers sent in, and explores different possibilities with them. He takes the listener step-by-step through the process, and shows different avenues the logo process can take. Let us know how you think he did! Send us your comments to

To see more logos that are simple as well as effective, you can go here.

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Podcast #19

The podcast is back and better than ever! Paul Browning, a Senior
Designer featured at has created a podcast for students,
designers, clients, and anyone interested in what goes into quality
logo design.

Episode #19 features designer John Van Orman discussing Logos in The
News. They also discuss their favorite Logo of the Week, plus their
favorite Logo of the Week. Who knows? They may pick yours!

It also features a Logo Design Quiz, Logo Critique, and feedback they
get from designers all over the world. Check it out!

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