Frequently Asked Questions

What is

This site is simply a place where designers (particularly logo designers) can share their work and contact information with the world, and where anyone looking for a designer can find one.

Why should I join

Several reasons. is a place where designers can showcase their best work and connect with potential clients and employers. A basic membership allows you to tell a little bit about yourself and add a link to your home page. We recommend upgrading to an Enhanced or Portfolio membership which allows you to customize your profile page, add design samples, add more links to other places online where you can be found, and have your content featured on our blog.

Is this new? has been around for a long time, but the idea of using the site to promote logo designers is new for us. Hopefully you’ll find this resource helpful for finding a designer/client to work with.

What does it cost?

There is no fee for searching to find a designer. A basic designer profile is also free. An Enhanced profile is just $5/month, while a Portfolio profile costs $10/month. We recommend these paid memberships because they give you added exposure and allow you to upload portfolio samples. You can compare the different benefits here. Our home page features design samples from our Portfolio members. All three types of profiles appear when a search is made, but paid profiles will appear higher in the search results.

What artwork can I upload?

Our focus is on logo design, so that’s what we’ve optimized for, but feel free to be creative, especially with your profile header. The only restriction is that the work you upload must be original and created by you. You must have the legal right to display your artwork. Stolen or non-original artwork will result in termination. If you see a designer using artwork that they do not have the right to, please let us know at

Is this only for freelancers or can businesses join too?

Our profiles are designed to show off individual designers. However, logo design businesses are welcome to create a single page, as long as the designer featured on the page creates the work shown on the page. Businesses may not create pages for every designer on their team. We only allow one link to a web page, so multiple designers can’t link to the same website. One other thing, we don’t allow profiles for design contest sites. If your firm doesn’t pay all of the designers who work on a project, it is not eligible for a profile.

What do I get if I join?

We hope you’ll get additional traffic to your website and new projects to work on. You can see and compare the different benefits here.

How is this different from other portfolio sites?

Where other portfolio sites are generally aimed at showing your work to designers, or collecting samples for books and contests, is optimized to help potential clients find you when they search for logo design.

Is this a link-trading site?

No. does not buy or sell links under any circumstance. If we find that a user is trying to manipulate their search engine rankings with profile pages or blog posts, their membership will be immediately deactivated. Upgrading your profile will provide several additional links to your portfolio and social profiles, however, all of these links are “no-followed” so while they may direct additional traffic to your site, they won’t contribute to your site’s SEO.

Will a profile at help my SEO?

There is no way to promise this one way or another. The search engines all take into consideration hundreds of different factors when deciding how to rank a website. currently ranks well for several search terms, including “logo design”. By creating a complete profile on the site, your profile will be discoverable by anyone who lands on our site. Once they find your portfolio at, they can click to visit your webpage to contact you directly.

Who are you guys?

We were part of the team that created the first venture-funded online design firm and the do-it-yourself logo design tool, Logomaker. While that tool is a great option for some people, other businesses (small and large) prefer to work directly with a live logo designer. Still others are looking for good designers to hire. So we created in order to help great designers connect with potential clients and show off their work.

Will the work I upload be used anywhere else?

No. Your work is your property. The only thing we do with the portfolio samples you upload is display them in your profile page, search results, and possibly on our home page.

You didn’t answer my question.

If you have other questions, please email us at We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.