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Manchester, UK

Ian Paget (also known as LogoGeek™) is a graphic designer with over 10 years professional experience, working with companies of all sizes, ranging from start-ups through to large blue chip organisations.

Being passionate about branding, and inspired by legendary graphic designers including Paul Rand, Saul Bass & Michael Beirut, Ian aims to offer a logo design service where he can create a timeless mark for your growing company that’s simple, memorable, versatile, resizable and timeless.

Aside from a logo design service, Ian also writes a popular logo design blog and runs an active social media community for graphic designers around the world where he shares the latest industry news, tips and advice. The Logo Geek twitter group has a following of over 80,000, and is followed by leading design influencers and organisations including Creative Review, Logo Lounge, Moving Brands and Siegel+Gale.

Thanks to the success of the twitter group and Ian’s influence in the design community he has been on the jury for a number of identity design and branding competitions including: Logo lounge book 9, Best Brand Awards, Visual Identity Awards and Transform Awards, and has been featured in Net Magazine, Photoshop Creative Magazine, 99U Magazine, has written for Creative Bloq and has been interviewed numerous times by industry websites including ShutterStock and Web Design Ledger.

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South Africa

Mapl (pronounced maple) Logo Authority is a specialist bespoke logo & design studio that produces high quality work which instantly creates rapport. We understand that your logo & design work need to remain fresh, trendy and recognizable while delivering in the market place.

The design of a brand (it’s identity) includes all the visual elements and how they work together as a cohesive visual language. The visual language communicates, it helps to shape perception and grow recognition in the customers mind. All logo & design development processes start with research, understanding and positioning. Your logo not only needs to ‘speak’ to your brand, but it also requires the artistic and technical skill to ensure it’s functionality. Sizes, colours, formats, and usage all become design considerations.

We can also provide a 360˚ solution with our outsource partners which includes: Print Design, Web Development, Digital Design, 3D, Pre-Visualization, Motion Graphics, Animation, Video Editing, Sound Editing / Production, Games, Illustration, Photography, Copywriting, App Development and customised full colour branded QR codes.

Refined, Beautiful & Delicious, Naturally.

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Evince Development is one of the superlative company which offers web design & mobile app development services at affordable cost. We are one stop IT solution in software outsourcing and offshore software development. We own a team of experts who are specialized in software product development, e-commerce development, mobile apps & more. We Focus on quality work so we always create viable mobile apps that is helpful for the users. If you are planning for converting your creative idea into reality then reach us. Our goal is consumer satisfaction so we strive to make your experience better.