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Subliminal Messages in Logos

I hate to use the word “subliminal” with logos, because ALL logos should be affecting someone’s mind below the threshold of consciousness. A good logo should be manipulating you to be attracted to the company or products with a simple story.

However, some logos have graphics that have been “buried” in the logo. So buried that the viewer doesn’t recognize it until maybe the hundredth time they’ve seen the logo, and that nice little “a-ha!” moment makes the logo even more memorable to them.

I was indulging in my two favorite pastimes-eating fast food and analyzing logos-when I noticed the outside of the Wendy’s bag had a hidden message. Can you see it?










Wendy’s changed their entire brand in March of this year, and with the change came a loss of the old nostalgic feel that their previous branding had. They use a more modern typeface, their stores are slicker, and the drawing is updated to be clean and fresh.





The simple one-color illustration use on their bags makes the implied message a little clearer, though, since it doesn’t have the distracting colors. It’s a touch of nostalgia I think they wanted to evoke into their overall message of great food. And who did we count on for great food in our childhood?









Here’s some examples of hidden meanings in other famous logos. I won’t incude the obvious FedEx logo, because readers of this blog are probably sick of reading about that.

Hey, that’s a biker!









Nice illustration of analog and digital technology.







They have everything from A-Z.









“Don’t worry, we still have 31 flavors”









Can you think of some more examples?

Rob Marsh
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Designing Cinco de Mayo

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which we have traditionally celebrated with more than twenty bags of tortilla chips and gallons of salsa here in the design studio. This year we’re once again thinking about Mexico and logos, which naturally enough, we’ve done a bunch of. From salsa (the stuff you eat as well as the dance steps) to holiday celebrations, several clients have asked us to help create identities to match their Cinco de Mayo-ish products. Here are a couple from the archive,¬†two concepts we put together a few years ago for a Cinco de Mayo celebration in St. Louis from a few years back.




Here’s hoping you have a great Cinco de Mayo from your favorite logo design studio.