Crest Logos

Crest, or enclosure logos, are memorable, but only if they have a strong structure. Nearly every strong crest logo you’ll find adheres to an internal structure, a graphic motif. Crests often play games with symmetry or pattern—and the designer makes choices about what he’ll allows to leave the enclosure. Once a designer establishes a base, every move away from that base calls attention to itself. And then the hierarchy can be established.

These are crest logos I did at my last job.

And these are logos created by me and other designers here at BusinessLogos.

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  1. Eric Snider

    Are they not using this site anymore? I used to visit here regularly to get inspired, but it’s been a couple of months since they added anything.

  2. Paul

    Sorry, we’ve been a little pre-occupied doing logos for Business Logos business. We’ll make it a higher priority to post. Thanks Eric!

  3. stacy

    Awesome designs


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