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Logo Critique

This logo is from Patricia Farley. She didn’t provide any info about the company, so this might be difficult to review.

I think that it’s a nice and simple logo design, but sometimes logos can be TOO simple, and this one is an example of that. The symbol is so abstract, that it has lost any meaning. The graphic would be suitable for both a proctologist or elevator door manufacturer…I just cant tell. The odd coloring of the text makes it difficult to read…do I read all the black first, or top, then bottom? It needs a reworking. What does everyone else think?

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  1. Max

    Simplicity is very important in a logo designing and a designer should understand the importance of a simple design. I found this design great as it is easy to understand.

  2. Aaron Nabaum

    While this logo does have a look and feel of the industrial diagnostic industry by being simple and direct – it could use some hierarchy to help the potential customer read it. Specifically “CORTEX DIAGNOSTICS” might be made the largest part, with “DIAGNOSTICS & AUTOMATION” placed below in a smaller text. The INC. could be made very small or left off altogether. As far as the icon goes – even if this non traditional layout was purposeful it could use a serious infusion of visual creativity – the feel of automation should be portrayen in a tight compact icon rather than a literal child’s diagram of a closing action.

  3. Johnny Vee

    I agree with the other opinions. I would also add that where it can hint to a blueprint or other official measuring image, usually you do not want to lead the eye to an abrupt stop, and that is what the arrows are doing. This is abrasive to the eye. Instead, it is better to allow the eye to flow through a visual hierarchy that allows the viewer to learn more about your company and begin to associate a visual image with the emotions that they feel when they interact with you.