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Your Logo Design Should Tell A Story

One of the most important purposes of a logo is to communicate a particular message or story with customers.

That’s a lot of work for a single image and a word or two, but the very best logo designs tell a story.

Sometimes the logo’s story is obvious. Like the “jump man” logo used by Nike for the Air Jordan brand. This logo is silhouette of Michael Jordan flying through the air with a ball in his hand, on his way to a thundering dunk:


Air Jordan Logo Design


The Air Jordan logo’s story is obvious: the products marked with this logo design help people accomplish amazing athletic feats. This icon is so good at telling its story, that you don’t even need to see the words “Nike” or “Air Jordan” to get the message, or to recognize the brand.

Another, more subtle example is the Amazon logo. At first, the logo appears simply to be a word mark with an underline icon underneath the first part of the word. But it tells a great story.


Amazon Logo Design


Notice that the underline is an arrow that goes from A to Z. This isn’t an accident. Amazon wants to communicate that the place to find everything from A to Z online is Great story. But it gets better. The underline is also a smile—which presumably represents how you feel when you use Amazon to find what you’re looking for. All that from the company name and a simple underline.

Let’s take a look at an example from Jerron Ames, a portfolio member. He created the Chart Monster logo, which tells an easy to recognize story. The icon is obviously a Loch Ness-type monster. But notice the way the monster creates a bar chart, moving up and to the right, showing positive growth. It’s a fantastic example of an icon that quickly demonstrates the product’s story.

ChartMonster Logo Design


One last example to reinforce the point—the logo design for Le Tour de France. Cycling fans will readily recognize the logo featuring the name of the world’s biggest bicycle race and a blotch of yellow (yellow is the color most closely associated with the race). Notice how the yellow ball is also the front wheel of a bicycle, and the R becomes the rider of a bike made by the O and U in the logo. Anyone who sees this logo immediately knows that the Tour de France has something to do with cycling.


Tour de Fance Logo Design


A logo that tells a compelling story will help your company or brand stand out from the competition in your marketplace.

Need help finding a designer who can create this kind of logo for you? Check out our directory of awesome designers, then reach out to the one who’s work you admire most.

Do you have a logo that tells a great story? Have you designed one or seen one? Tell us about it in the comments.

And if you think this whole idea is a load of bollocks, check out this post: Your Logo Shouldn’t Tell a Story.




  1. Jasa Logo

    please explain what is meant by the story in the logo? thanks before :)

    • Rob Marsh

      Please read the post above. The design of each logo conveys the idea of a story. The question is, should you logo try to tell a story?