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Put your logos in action

As designers, it’s gratifying when the client likes our work. It’s really fun to see how they use the custom logo design, like for their store signage or a billboard. And it’s even more nice to see they’ve used the logo to make a stuffed figure. But when they make a full mascot suit and presentation based on your artwork, it feels really awesome! Congrats to Justin, our designer, and thanks, Croc Doc!

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Mad Men Illustration-the great Don Draper

Once again, we bring you another Mad Men fan illustration, done by Paul browning. Draper’s character is partially based on Draper Daniels, the creative head of the Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago in the 1950s who created the Marlboro Man campaign. However, some of the advertising techniques and the professional accomplishments of Don Draper are based on those of Rosser Reeves, who rose to chairman of the Ted Bates agency.

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Logo Review-i3rand

This was submitted to us by Augustino Nguyen, a designer in Vietnam. What do you all think?

I personally think it’s a very interesting name, but I went to iBrand first to check it out before I realized it’s i3rand. It’s not a name that rolls easily off the tongue, but it is unique. The logo is a little too simple for my taste. Maybe its the Myriad Bold font.

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