Podcast #20 – Complex Logos

We’ve all been told that simplest is best with logos, but as with every rule, there’s exceptions. Paul and John discuss logos that are both complex and effective, and discuss what’s needed to make them.

Paul also critiques two logos that designers sent in, and explores different possibilities with them. He takes the listener step-by-step through the process, and shows different avenues the logo process can take. Let us know how you think he did! Send us your comments to

To see more logos that are simple as well as effective, you can go here.

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  1. Jackson

    Hey guys, First time I’ve seen your podcast! Good Stuff wish u would talk a bit more about using contrasting fonts in logo design. I’m a self taught designer working for a university in Oklahoma and enjoy using different typefaces to create contrast and appeal but don’t always know the best way to get to that end result. What are some standard principals when it comes to using fonts in a logo?
    Thanks again for the good info!

  2. Christopher

    Crazy good use of a podcast. Watching your brainstorming process on the “K” was inspiring. I think it can be difficult to allow the creative process to string out for the sake of uniqueness and then reign it in to create a sane cohesive thought.

    The akward curves in the Pepsi logo seem to be struggling against each other. It made feel sea sick so I switched to Coke.

    Really appreciate the podcast!